Technology and the Gods

We live in a digital and connected age. Sitting at an IT expo, my thoughts turned to how this affects my connection with the Gods.

Our mobile devices have enabled a world where there is virtually nowhere the distractions of the modern world cannot follow us. Everything is available everywhere.

Consider an ad Apple ran for the iPad last year, about a mom who goes camping, but uses her 3G enabled iPad to “stay connected with her followers on Twitter”. To heathens like me, this kind of thought ought to be blasphemy. Anathema to everything we believe. Nature should be a sacred place, where our souls can be closer to nature, and by extension, closer to the Gods and spirits who dwell in these places. But not everyone seems to think so.

So, for the modern heathen, where does technology belong in our life? Clearly it has a place, but where is it? Well, I use the internet daily. I use it for news, work, interpersonal connectivity, and of course, this blog. And that last one is important to me. I use the internet to discuss, learn, and expand my faith by connecting with like minded and occasionally dissenting people.

It’s a new forum. A new sort of temple in which we can exchange ideas and proliferate our faith. Forums are good. We can and should use them, but we should never underestimate the value of quiet contemplation. We should never undervalue our forests, our wild places. No matter the convenience technology offers, our gods can’t be emailed, tweeted, or friended on Facebook.

Our gods are found out there, in the world, not on the internet. So next time you make an excursion into the mountains or forests, do yourself a favor. Leave the forum where it belongs, and make time for the gods.

Gods guide you.


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