To bear my gods in mind

I strive to live in honor to my gods and one day, I will die for their glory, and join them in their great halls. 

To say I am without fear of anything is to lie. My life has been plagued with doubts and fears since I was born. But Odin taught me that such doubts are natural, and they can take me further on the path to wisdom. Doubt breeds questions. Questions breed answers. Unanswered questions breed interpretation, which in turn can breed faith and belief. 

But to let doubt dissuade me from my path, or to let fear shroud all light of hope, is neither good or wise. 

I do not fear my lusts or my instincts. Freyja showed me that these too are natural, and should be embraced instead of rejected. 

What is NOT permissible is to be ruled by them. To deny your passions and instincts is to deny part of who and what you are, but to let them rule you is to be less than human, and less than you should be. 

If humans were meant to be animals, we would have been born as such; instead we are born to one day join the Gods as friends and comrades. Why would we wish to become something that keeps us from joining in their glory? 

It therefore behoves us to seek their goodwill and succour through honorable acts, prayer and personal sacrifice. But the gods do not require us to abase and humble ourselves; they do not seek to make of us craven slaves. I therefore do not bow or kneel or kow-tow to the gods, but address them proudly like a free woman. I regard my gods, not as my masters, but as firm friends, wise teachers, and powerful allies.


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